Who is teaching tumbling?
See the staff section of the website for these exciting announcements

Will my team be able to rent this facility (baseball, softball, cheer) for practice?

What kind of equipment will you have in the fitness center?
You name it! We have free weight area, indoor walking/running track, cardio equipment, and more! This will be a full service fitness center!

What ages will cheer be for?
We will offer classes for ages 5 and up. However, cheer typically starts at age 4. This is not set in stone, but we WILL be offering classes starting at age 5.

Hopefully this helps. We will answer more as we go!  
Please fill out the form on our  CONTACT US page if you have additional questions. 



When will you be open?
We are currently OPEN for business Monday-Friday! M-T is 12-7, Friday 12-5:00PM.  Members can use 24/7 access anytime not during business hours!

Will you have classes (Zumba, yoga, etc)?
Yes!! We are currently updating the online schedule to represent our class availability!

How much will a membership be?
Prices are now posted on the membership tab!

Will it be 24 hours?
The Fitness center side will be 24 hours, yes. We will have a key card system for when it is not open to the public (example- Sunday's and night)

Are you going to be hiring?
We hope to provide several jobs, yes. However, those are the kinds of things that we will continue to do as the business grows.

Do you have personal trainers?

We do! They can be contacted for prices and other inquiries or to setup a free consultation!